Our practice has a mixed billing policy, that means that we provide bulk billing and Private billing to our patients.

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible care and service. We would like you to feel that you are not rushed, and that staff and doctors attend to detail and take the time to solve your concerns.

Bulk Billing

We bulk bill pensioners, Health Care Cards holders and children 16 yo and younger.

Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Pathology, Medical Imaging, UltraSound and several other specialist diagnostic services are not included in our medical consultation charges. These services are provided to all our patients by external highly specialized Australian laboratories. If you are not covered by Medicare Australia, the cost of these services will depend on the type of service the patient requires, however, various laboratories offers a number of payment methods to make it convenient to pay your account.

Private Billing

We provide private billing to patients without the above bulk bill exceptions, and those patients without a valid Medicare Card.

- The fee for our Standard Consultation is $80.00 and your Medicare rebate is $39.10

- The fee for our Long Consultation is $115.00 and your Medicare rebate is $75.75

Payment Methods

We welcome payments in cash or electronic payments through our EFT-POS terminal. Cheques are not accepted.