Complains Policy

- Introduction

KingsMedical Family Practice understands that despite our best intentions, sometimes we are unable to satisfy everybody all the time. For this reason, we aim to maximise our strength and to address our weaknesses through a robust patient feedback process.

- Complains Procedure

Opportunities are available for patients to tell us how we are doing. We collect and review systematic patient feedback on a weekly basis to enable us to do incremental improvements and incorporate your feedback into our practice quality processes. These periodic reviews are incorporated formally into our systems and processes every 3 years as part of our accreditation process.

Patients and other persons, such as carers, are encouraged to raise their concerns directly with our practice staff who will handle the matter appropriately.

Patients and other persons have the opportunity to register their complaints either verbally and courteously to staff or in writing. This can be done anonymously if desired. We make every effort to respond and resolve complains on a timely manner.

Under the Health Services Act 1987 people with complaints are encouraged to try to resolve them directly with our practice staff and management if necessary. If a satisfactory outcome is not achieved then the complaint can go directly to the Health Services Commissioner for action.

The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission may be reached on 1800 043 159


Depending on the nature of the complaints and advice received from medical indemnity company, complaints are recorded and actioned, with a copy placed in the patient’s medical record if related to patient care.

All clinical staff and practice manager are aware of their legal obligations regarding the mandatory reporting of unprofessional conduct.

- Handling of Complaints by our Staff

• All complaints are taken seriously, no matter how trivial they may seen
• verbal, in person complaints are addressed in a private area
• we acknowledge the patient right to complain
• we try to address the patient’s expectation regarding how they want the matter resolved.
• we offer offer the patient the opportunity to complete a formal complaint form
• our staff will alert the GP or relevant admin staff about the complain
• The practice manager coordinates the investigation and resolution of complaints.
• Use the acknowledge of complaints letter provided and respond to complaints on a timely manner.
• our staff will respond to all complaints in an open and constructive manner, including an explanation and, if appropriate, and apology

- end -